My Approach

The Violet Doula is the brain child of experience and training. I am passionate about providing parents with the labor and birth they envision, while helping to prevent birth trauma and obstetric violence. After experiencing a traumatic birth, I set out to find a better way to give birth. Through my research, I discovered the benefits of utilizing a doula in labor and birth to improve parent-infant outcomes. This inspired my journey to become a birth doula.

I attended the Birth Doula Workshop offered by the Academy of Certified Birth Educators, where I was trained in comfort measures to assist laboring individuals with discomfort, laboring and pushing positions to benefit parent and child during the birth, and providing education throughout pregnancy, labor, and birth. I utilize counterpressure, massage, rebozo techniques, doula-guided partner support, re-positioning, and various other tools to guide you through early, active, and transitional labor to pushing for the arrival of your babe.

I provide continuous informational support 24/7 during your third trimester, labor, and birth as well as into the postpartum recovery period. We develop a birth plan together to direct your birthing experience the way you imagined. If deviations from your plan are medically necessary, I will be there to provide you the opportunity of informed consent during decision-making moments. An informed birth is an empowered birth! My dream is to help you achieve your birth, your way.

Serving clients in West Virginia, Virginia, & Maryland


Phone: 443-272-1078

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