Labor & Birth

This portion of your Doula package ​is the grand event! You can choose when you would like my presence at your labor, whether it be at the onset, or once you enter active labor. Every person's needs vary depending on many factors such as: how many births they have already had, what their birth plan is, and whether they have other support in place. I will be your constant, your third party team member, your rock through labor and birth. Having a doula present during labor allows family members or partners to participate fully and can provide relief when they need it. We will all work together to help you have the birth you imagined. 

Comfort measures commonly used in labor and pushing include: massage, counterpressure, rebozo techniques, atmosphere adjustments, hot/cold pressure, water soaking, re-positioning, hip squeeze, birth ball techniques, and more. We will utilize any of these, all of these, and more to help move baby down and welcome them into the world!

Serving clients in West Virginia, Virginia, & Maryland


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